• CAT Tool Training

    Every individual at La Classe is trained in not just interpretation of content but is also provided with administrative training such as for those people working on a different workstation and devices like Trados, Star Transit, Wordfast and so many more.

  • Corporate Preparing

    Etymologists and language specialist at La Classe have been trained to provide world-class facilities in all works of professional life, including those belonging to the corporate sector. People have been trained to with not just local dialect but also international languages in order to meet every need of the customer.

  • Institutional Preparing

    We have been providing training to our language experts and etymologists to widen their horizon beyond dialects regarding administration and other instructive foundations. As the economy is growing, so is the need for more interested individual, thus we have also been taking a keen interest in those college graduates and IT experts who have had experience in more than one language. We also provide a number of other training services such as those for learning business, corporate training for foreign languages, mining translation, translation in the administrative sector, multilingual desktop publishing and transcription.

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