La Classe provides a system of DTP specialists for those who required distinctive individuals who not only have a strong hand in language translations but also provide high-esteem administrations at practical and serviceable expenses. We have been working towards helping our customers in providing them with multilingual DTP interpreters who are occupied with DTP interpretation administrations, building manuals for administrative interpretations, interpretations of instructional pamphlets, development of DTP French interpretations, Spanish translations for designing books, Trados newsletters, interpretations of different administrative services, multilingual books, etc. We also provide administrative interpretations for different buildings, cars, IT and Finance firms along with Trados commercial reports in a variety of dialect such as Hindi, Spanish, Chinese and French.

Proficient DTP Solutions for any size project

At La Classe, we provide multi-linguistic offers as a solution of turnkey technology. DTP or Desktop Publishing is a kind of technique that involves amalgamation of contents and designs using a variety of applications such as Quark Express, InDesign, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Publisher, Pagemaker, Frontpage, etc. in order to create archives such as pamphlets, leaflets, books, etc. all of them in a printable format. We provide our customers with all sorts of documents that they require, such as original records of the copy, soft copies of the completed source documents, Postscripts or PDF files all of them in stipulated time. We also have an accomplished team of visual designers who are solely dedicated to working on projects related to planning, filtering, and typesetting. Additionally, we also provide exceptional Desktop Publishing administration.

Common Desktop Publishing Projects

Some of our common desktop publishing projects include leaflets, manuals, reference books, bulletins, indexes, presentations, and books.

DTP Applications We Use Are

Softwares / Applications

For our foreign language DTP and multimedia projects, the software used here are MS Office Applications, MS Publisher, MS Frontpage, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Quark Express, and Corel Draw.

We have also been involved in the arrangement of illustrations and deciphering archives for printing such as those of determination of filtered data, realistic formatting of pictures/diagrams, the arrangement of writings, making designs, typesetting, arrangement for printing, and limiting textual styles. Due to all of these exercises, we have been able to acknowledge the smallest and low-quality sources and also ensure that all of the content is ready for printing without any kind of duplicity eventually saving you time and money.

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We have a vast experience of over 23 years in the field. We have thus gained a good knowledge on not just the subject but also on the importance of customers and their requirements.


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